Frequently Asked Questions


What can I build on my property and what are the setbacks?

Please review the Zoning By-Law or contact the Township Office to verify the zoning and setbacks of your property.

What size of shed do I require a permit for?

​Any shed over 108 sq. feet. If the shed is under this size, you must still meet the property zoning setbacks for placement of the shed. Please contact the Township Office to verify the zoning and setbacks.

Where can I find information about my well?

The Township of Baldwin does not have any jurisdiction over private wells. Please contact the Ministry of Environment at 1-800-890-8511 (you will need to have your tax bill handy with the legal description and possibly the roll number).

Where can I find information about my Septic System?

Septic System are governed by the Sudbury and District Health Unit.  Please visit the SDHU website for more information.

I would like to build a fence on my property. Do I need a permit?

If you are building a fence for purposes other than a swimming pool, you do not require a permit. Please contact the Township Office for more information on the swimming pool fence by-law.

I am building a deck which will lie on the ground and is not attached to the house. Do I need a permit?

Yes. If the deck provides a means of egress into or out of a building and is considered a building regardless of size or height off the ground.​

How do I get a culvert installed?

Please contact the Public Works Department for more information on culverts. ​

My property is located on a Provincial Highway. Where can I obtain a driveway entrance permit?

Please contact the Ontario Ministry of Transportation​.

How long does it take to get a permit?

House/Cottage – 10 business days from the time that all of the required paperwork is received. ​

Simple Applications (deck, garage, renovation) - 10 business days or less.

Commercial/Industrial/Institutional - up to 30 business days.

Is there an expiry date for permits?

Yes. Usually one year. Permits can be extended if they are being actively worked on. In some instances, a site inspection is required to extend a permit. You may eventually be required to apply for a new permit to complete the project. ​

How much notice do you require for an inspection?

A minimum of 24 hours.  Inspections are conducted on Monday and Friday afternoons. (Subject to change without notice)

I have amended my drawings that were approved for my permit. How should I proceed from here?

Please provide 2 sets of amended drawings to the Building Department for review. In some cases, and additional fee is payable. ​

Where do I obtain information about the home warranty program in Ontario or if my contract is registered?

Contact Tarion Warranty Corporation.​


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