Township History

The Township of Baldwin is a bedroom community adjacent to the Town of Espanola. The hamlet is located on Highway 17, 3 km east of Highway 6 and 17. The population consists of 551 permanent residents along with a large number of seasonal residents. The Township has no heavy industry within it’s boundaries, however, Domtar Paper Products is located in Espanola, 2 km south. Council of the Corporation of the Township of Baldwin has made every official, municipal department agency aware that they must be prepared to carry out assigned duties in an emergency.

The Township was surveyed in 1871 and subdivided in 1885. It was named after Mr. F.A. Baldwin. The train station was first called Stanley in 1908, then changed to Espanola Station in 1919. Due to the confusion of having two Espanola Stations, in 1931 our name was changed to McKerrow, named after J.O. McKerrow, a traffic manager for the Abitibi Pulp and Paper Co. It has been said that Jack McKerrow was also the inventor of the unit train. Many mining explorations took place over the years, i.e. gold and other precious metals, as well as uranium. In June of 1969, Kidd Copper Mines Limited leased an existing mine and commenced shipping copper until September 1970. The Township of Baldwin was incorporated in 1927.

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