Council Members

Vern Gorham

Vern Gorham

J0-Anne Boucher

Jason Cote

Dave Fairburn

Marc Lepine

Ray Maltais

Ray Maltais

Bert McDowell

Bert McDowell


  • CAO/Clerk Treasurer: Holly Zahorodny
  • Office Administration Assistant: Robert Deschene
  • Integrity Commissioner: Chris Wray
  • Facility and Park Maintenance/General Labour:  Roger Hannon
  • By-law Enforcement Officer:  Richard Paquette
  • Chief Building Official (CBO): Jeff Lapierre
  • Emergency Management Coordinator: Jeff Edwards
  • Fire Chief:  Kyle Gagne

Council meetings are held on the second Monday of every month unless it falls on a holiday, then it will be on the Tuesday. Council Meetings commence at 5pm. The public is welcome to attend all general meetings.  Should you wish to be a delegation at a Council meeting you must submit a written request to the Clerk by noon 7 days before the meeting.

Left to right: David Fairbairn – Councillor; Bert McDowell – Councillor; Ray Mailtais – Councillor; Vern Gorham – Mayor; Jo-Anne Boucher - Councillor
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