What Types of Plans/Drawings are Required to be Submitted?

Drawings are required for all new buildings, additions, accessory buildings and structural alterations. Two sets of drawings are usually required, and once approved, one set will be returned to the owner. This returned set of drawings must be kept on the construction site at all times.  Measurements may be in imperial or metric.  Plans vary depending on the type of construction but typically include:

  • All dimensions indicated
  • Size and location of beams
  • Bearing walls or support columns
  • Footings (Spot/pad, pier, continuous)
  • Foundation type (Concrete block, poured concrete, wood, etc.)
  • Foundation thickness
  • Size and type of floor Joists, spans and centers
  • Stair location(s) and framing


  • Title and scale
  • Use of rooms and spaces
  • Extent of new construction including new work within an existing building
  • Size, type and location of exterior and interior walls and partitions
  • Width, locations and lintel (header) sizes of all openings
  • Location, dimension and direction of stairs
  • Size, type, spacing and location of structural members
  • Sectional arrow (Example)
  • References to detailed drawings
  • Material specifications or notes
  • Title and scale
  • Size and type of footings and foundation walls
  • Roof and ceiling construction, roof slope
  • Finished grade
  • Distance from grade to floor and underside of footing
  • Exterior and interior wall construction
  • Floor construction
  • Attic and crawl space ventilation


  • Title and scale
  • Extent of new and existing construction
  • Grade level
  • Roof shape, slope and finish
  • Exterior wall cladding, finishes and flashing(s)
  • Vertical dimensions of walls, windows and doors
  • Overhand dimensions
  • Rain water leader and eavestrough
  • Height of structure (See the Zoning By-Law for structure height definition)


A site plan is required for any new buildings, additions or accessory buildings.  A site plan should be drawn and contain the following:

  • Title and scale
  • Legal description of property
  • Road name
  • North Arrow
  • Property lines with dimensions
  • Setbacks (distance) to all property lines from all existing and proposed structures**
  • Proposed construction (Shaded or cross hatched)
  • Overall building dimensions, lot coverage, new and existing building areas of all buildings
  • Right-of-way easements (Hydro, etc)


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