Building a Deck?

A Building Permit is required for most deck projects. Prior to beginning any work, you are encouraged to contact the Building Department to clarify if a permit is required for your project.

In order to assist you with the planning of your deck construction, we have developed a helpful guide which assists with the Ontario Building Code and Zoning requirements.

Please note that this document may be used in lieu of submitting construction drawings, provided that the proposed deck:

  • Is for residential use only,
  • Is unenclosed (No roof),
  • Has no hot tubs, pergolas, gazebos, trellis or other roof structures are installed,
  • Is constructed to these details.

NOTE: There are instances where a professional engineer will be required for the design and sign-off of your deck.  For more information, contact the Building Official at 705-869-0225.

Click the link below to download the deck package.

Deck Package Download

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