Update: Rainbow District Animal Shelter

FYI – UPDATE:  The Rainbow District Animal Shelter remains open by appointment.  By-law Enforcement officers are on call to deal with Animal Control concerns.

Remember effective social or physical distancing includes keeping your cats indoors and dogs on leash under control of a person.  While the science seems to indicate your pets cannot contract the Corona Virus, like all other things that are exposed to the virus pets can have the virus on them and transfer the virus to other people or things in the environment. Effective physical distancing means conducting yourself as if you have been exposed and are trying to prevent spreading that exposure any further.

Dog and cat licenses are no longer available from any of our distributors but are available on our website: www.rdshelter.ca or by calling the Shelter. Registering your pet will not only help you get reunited with your pet in the event your pet goes missing but may make it so an officer need not visit your home to address a complaint or concern.   

For further information, to register your pet or to place a report please call 1-800-836-6661.  

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